Jul 8, 2018

July Update (with some catch up from May and June)

The Lord is so good. He shows His goodness in so many ways. We are rejoicing in His mercy in healing me a couple weeks ago. After six weeks or so on the couch with weird heart issues and no energy, I was starting to feel like I would always be sick. As I sought the Lord about it, He brought to my mind two things in my heart He was not pleased with. I confessed them to Tyler and the boys and we had a sweet time of praying together, and Tyler anointed me with oil and prayed over me. The NEXT DAY I was able to start running our home again! I overdid it a few days later and needed to rest again for a day or two, but only because my body was weak after so long on the couch – the heart pain and palpitations are totally gone, and I have energy again. I am so grateful for strength to school my boys, cook, clean, read to the boys, and all the other duties of a wife and mama. My Heavenly Father is such a good Daddy.

We are doing well in our preparations to move back to the U.S. We have packed nearly all our bags, and the next big project is to go out to the village to give away all the things we aren’t bringing back to the U.S. Please pray for wisdom as we want it to be a blessing to people, and do not want to cause unnecessary offenses.

Following is an old update from April and May, but we never shared it as I got sick in May and with the move out to Hoskins, recovery, and the busyness of packing it fell by the wayside. But its got some neat testimonies I’d like you all to hear.... better late than never!

May has been busy as usual. Our big project of the month was tearing down our old cook-house and building a carport with a tool shed. The pull down, smash, whack, and rip apart day was enthusiastically joined in by all the boys and four or five friends. The kids got a bonfire going and did a great job keeping it stoked. At one point a mouse ran out of hiding and was chased around the house by our very wild boys and equally excited neighbour kids. Judah was the winner, bringing an end to it with a broom handle. 

 The carport turned out really nice. It was a fun project because the boys were able to help Tyler a lot. Tyler hired a few of our friends too, and they did a great job. I think their favourite part was learning to use his battery operated tools. Some great moments!

It’s canoe making season around here, and many of our friends and neighbours have been very busy felling trees, digging out and carving, building bamboo stabilizers, and taking turns helping each other carry the finished products down to the beach. One morning about fifteen of the guys got together and carried three huge, heavy, newly finished dugouts down to our beach. Gabby, Peter, David, Ballu, Bob, Wesley, and many other men now have sturdy, well built canoes lined up down at the beach. Such a work of art!

Peter and Tyler have recently started a chapel meeting up at the school every Tuesday morning, then in the afternoon they are visiting different people who have expressed an interest in talking about the Lord (having a car is opening new and exciting opportunities!). One Tuesday I woke up with a real burden to pray for God to open up a door for them to spend time with an older man who lives several miles from here, and is part of the Bihai religion. He and Tyler have had several good talks over the last few years, and he had asked Tyler to come talk with him more. That afternoon when Tyler and Peter went to meet with a different man they had previously arranged to meet, he was unavailable. They ended up driving to Reserve land and were able to spend several hours talking with the Bihai man. He seems very open. We have a real burden for him, and also his two young  adult sons, who seem to have a spiritual hunger like their father.

The Sunday school has also been going well. We had some problems with older boys disturbing things, so we adjusted it to eleven or twelve and under, as the older ones can easily sit in with the adults, and it is working much better. The little ones love to learn English songs with hand motions, and have about ten tucked under their belts. They are so cute and earnest singing together with their eyes glued on me as they try to imitate my every move. I’ve enjoyed them a lot. Sometimes we hear them belting out one of the songs as they play down at the beach or work out in the garden. These people know how to sing! It’s beautiful. One of the little girls (about 9 years old) who has come very faithfully, is the daughter of a man who has often stolen from us. The Lord has given us ideas for ways to bless their family which has been really neat. This little girl has a heart after God. She is so faithful to come, and hangs on every word. Every few weeks I teach the kids a new memory verse. A couple months ago it was Matthew 5:44 “Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you.” This little lady, with her big expressive eyes, almost dropped her mouth open-staring at me with a look of awe as I taught the kids that verse. I could tell that she could hardly believe what she was hearing. May the Lord raise her up as a prayer warrior for her people!

Judah’s long awaited desire came to pass this month as Tyler and the three older boys got to go  nighttime spear diving with a group of our neighbour guys. They had so much fun and came back with about sixty fish for the freezer. Tyler and Judah experienced the pain of poisonous somethings with long quills that stick in with barbs on the end, and are really hard to get out. The boys have been full of stories from that experience. Judah got to try out his new spear gun he recently made, Berean kept busy swimming behind Ballu and bringing all the fish he speared back to the canoe. The boys and Tyler are in awe of the deep diving capabilities of these guys who swim like fish from the time they are little fellows! They can hold their breath for minutes at a time, and as they are very muscular with little fat, they are good at sinking deep down and finding the big fish. One of the guys here is nicknamed “bottle gas”, as he can stay under the water so long it seems impossible without an oxygen tank! Several of the men have damaged hearing from the water pressure in the deep areas they fish. Our neighbour Ballu is quite the turtle hunter, and frequently comes over with gifts of turtle meat or intestine (Keens favourite part). One morning I was up early and had gone outside for something, only to see a neighbour lady walking up the path that runs by our house up to the main road, with a large upside down turtle balanced expertly on her head. Probably going to sell it at the market.

Every other week the oil palm compound about five miles from us has payday for all their workers. One Friday we decided to drive over and check out the big market they hold on that day (kind of like a farmer’s market). We enjoyed looking around at the fresh greens, homemade donuts, young coconuts, smoked fish, handmade woven bags, and other snacks and drinks. We bought snacks for the boys, then hopped back in the car and took along a friend who needed a ride back to the village. On the way back, as it started getting dark, we came upon several big rocks in the road. Tyler had Judah hop out to roll them off, then we continued on our way, laughing about the kids who must’ve been playing around putting stones in the road. We found out a few days later that it was actually a hold up attempt and that there were men hiding in the trees nearby as we stopped, but they decided not to do anything to us. And we sent Judah out there to move the stones! We are grateful for our Fathers mercy. He has kept His hand upon us. The angel of the Lord encamps all about them that fear Him, and delivers them!

It has been such a blessing to have a car. We have taken several day outings the last few weeks to a beach several miles from our house. Tyler and the big boys have had a great time spear fishing.  I’ve really enjoyed hanging out on the shady beach with the little guys who play in the shallow area finding shells and starfish.

One Sunday afternoon an older man came asking for our help to get his adult son into the hospital. Tyler brought the young man into Kimbe with what we thought to be appendicitis. The next day it was confirmed, and he had an emergency surgery. We were so grateful for the ability to help!

There have been three more deaths this month, just in our part of the village. One was a young mother about my age. She had three young children that she was very proud of. She and her husband had travelled to a different part of PNG, and she died of a miscarriage. The people say that the reason she died was because her husband was unfaithful to her, and she had lost the will to live. Her sister (who was in an affair with her husband) delivered a baby the day of her funeral. What a sad way to live and die.

Another was a young man from the upper part of our village who was involved in a hold up and was mortally injured when the police caught him.

The most recent death was a young man in his twenties. He was known as the long-long (crazy) man in our village, as years ago he had damaged his mind by taking drugs, and he hasn’t been able to think straight since. The last few months he has struggled a lot physically, but the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with him. The people say he’s been poisoned or cursed. His Dad (who is one of the truck drivers, and has a good relationship with Tyler) asked if Peter and Tyler could come pray for his son, as he was sick again. They went late that night, and found him very uncomfortable, having a hard time breathing. Tyler spoke to him about his soul, trying to speak clearly and simply, and praying God would open his mind to understand. He encouraged him to call out to Jesus. He also shared with the family. We do not know what went on in his heart, but several days later we heard he had died.

One of the Christian men here shared with Tyler that his teenage son is possessed by a cannibalistic spirit. Weird and creepy things happen. The families here bury their loved ones right next to their house. One of the reasons they have given me is so that they can carefully guard the body. There is a lot of fear. Our friend’s ten year old son was really worried after the young mother died this month, as he had a bad relationship with her, and was afraid of her spirit coming to bother him. There is such freedom in knowing Jesus! What a great light He gives, a sweet freedom, and deep security and peace.

The beginning of May, three of the boys were very miserable for ten days or so with ulcers all over the inside of their mouths, making it almost impossible to eat. They lost a lot of weight, but eventually got over it. Quite a few of the older people in the village also had it.                                                                      

The middle of May, I got sick for several days with some sort of stomach issue. The second night of my illness, Keen came down with a high fever. The next morning as we were resting together in the living room and Tyler and the boys were downstairs doing chores, he suddenly went into convulsions (another mercy from our Father in that he could have had the convulsions in the middle of the night when we were asleep, or when I was downstairs, but God allowed me to be sick and in the same room!). His eyes moving back and forth rapidly, arms and legs twitching, and completely unresponsive to my voice. I told Judah to run and get Tyler, who came quickly. We began praying fervently over him and rebuking the devil. His heart was racing and he began to turn grey/blue. Judah ran to our neighbour Gaby’s house to  see if he could help us give Keen an injection of Artemether, as it seemed to be malaria. I dug around in our medical bin and finally found some injections Tyler had bought in case of such an emergency. Tyler was holding Keen, singing to him and telling him all about Jesus, as Gaby and I prepared the injection. Within ten minutes of the shot, he was able to breathe better. Within ½ hour or so he could respond to questions with yes or no, was breathing fine, and the seizure seemed to have stopped, although he still wasn’t talking. We quickly packed a bag and headed into  Kimbe to get him checked out. On the way in, Tyler and I were praying against the possibility of brain damage. About halfway into town, I heard one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard “I want a drink, Mama.” Praise the Lord, my heart leaped with joy!

The doctor checked him out and said he seemed to be fine. He gave instructions for keeping his fever down to try to prevent another convulsion and said to come back the next day. We went to Manaia guesthouse, and the two little guys and I rested while the others went into town for a few groceries. In spite of Tylenol every four hours, his fever started spiking again that late afternoon. I gave several doses of Tylenol in a row, and a cold shower, but he was still over 104. I couldn’t get a hold of Tyler and Keen was starting to act weird and have muscle twitches. When Tyler got back he took over with Keen while I fed all the boys some dinner. That night, still unable to get his fever down (he was sleeping but quite restless), we anointed him with oil and prayed together over him, asking God to spare him for the purpose he was created for. Within an hour or so, his fever went down a lot, and he fell into a deep sleep for the next six hours of the night. The next morning while Tyler was out of the room getting breakfast for the rest of the boys, Keen piped up.

“Mama, I had a dream God came to me and healed me.”  “Oh really? What did He look like?” I asked. “All shiny” He said. “Did he say anything to you?” I wondered curiously.  “Um, yah, He said, “I have healed you.””

From that point, he rapidly gained strength and our problem was trying to get him to rest a bit! We are so thankful for God’s gracious hand in our lives. He cares about each person, and is intimately acquainted with all of our ways.


Jun 23, 2018

Kendra's Healing


Praise to our father who continually cares for and blesses our lives. We are rejoicing in him and his provision. About six days ago Kendra felt a need to confess some things to the family that were on her heart. That was a blessing. Then after that I anointed her with oil in the name of the Lord Jesus and we all prayed for her to be healed according to the scriptures in the book of James. God is so good and desirous to heal and he did and continues to. Kendra felt amazingly better the next day. She has been struggling for a long time now with heart pain, weakness, etc. and all of a sudden ALL GONE! This lasted for four days and then day before yesterday she over-did-it and she felt weakness. After more prayer and rest she is feeling much better. She has been able to be up doing things around the house. Thank you to those who have been praying for us in this time. Please continue to help us in prayer.

I have only been able to go out to the village two times in the last 3 ½ weeks or so. I have taken quick trips out there and back to deal with things, leaving Kendra back at our rented house. I see the Lord at work in the believers in the village and they are rising up in a good way to commit and follow Christ. It has been a blessing and an encouragement to see the Lord work among them and it is confirming the fact that the church raised up in Bulu is God’s and that they have all that they need to flourish and thrive. They do not need anyone or anything else!

We are returning to the USA July 31st. We are planning to settle in somewhere for a season and seek the Lord about His next steps for us. We do not know where we are going to settle at this point. Please pray with us as we trust God in this.

July 10th we have a few comrades coming to help us with our last 3 weeks in PNG. Scott Schones, Hosanna Schones, and Laura Erickson. We are privileged that the Lord is sending us such a troop as this in such a time as this. We are counting down the days for their arrival and are anticipating the Lord to do great things. Please pray for them as they prepare and also that all that the Lord wants to be done in the time of their visit will be done.

We are very thankful for the family of God. We have been blessed by so many of you in many many ways. Thank you. The Lord knows who you are and he will richly repay you.

Much love in Christ,



Jun 1, 2018

May Update

My flesh and my heart fails, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. (Ps 73:26, WEB)

 Because for the work of Christ he was nigh unto death, not regarding his life, to supply your lack of service toward me. (Phil 2:30, KJV)


We are preparing to return to the USA in about 2 months time from now. On the surface Kendra is run down from our high-stress rigorous living/ministry situation here in Papua New Guinea and we are not fit to continue in this setting right now. At this point she is recovering from a recent bout with malaria and also dealing with some heart problems that have developed. I have been reminded of the story of Epaphroditus (scripture quoted above). Deeper than the surface is the mind of God, His sovereignty, His will that has been foreknown from eternity past. We are learning to rejoice in His operation and how He does His work and how He chooses to station us and use us. He has had us pouring out everything (physically, spiritually, and emotionally) over the past years while we have lived among the Bulu tribe reaching them with the light of Christ. Now He is giving peace for us to rest and await His leading on the next steps.

Jesus once said: “I will build My church”. He has been doing that ever since and He has been doing that in Bulu. It did not start with us and it does not end with us. We are rejoicing in the opportunity that we have had thus far to be a tool in His hand in His building project here on the island. But we sense that this is going to be a major shift for us as we return to the USA. We are not sure exactly what that means but as we return and recover we trust that the will of the Lord will be made plain to us. We feel that we still have a place in the Bulu work but do not think that we will be moving back to live amongst them in the same way that we have been doing. The Lord knows.

We were thinking that we may be here another 2 years or so and that then the Lord may move us out but with the recent situation being that we are not able to minister here at this time, we are sensing that the Lord is allowing it and that He is in it all. He knows what He is doing. It has been a great lesson in faith to trust the Lord with the care and future of the little spark of life that has sprung up here.

I anticipate the next 2 months to be quite active and challenging. We have rented a house about 3.5 hrs from our village near the airport. Kendra will be staying there most of the time while she regains strength for travelling. I am planning to be back and forth to the village to pack, sort through things, minister to people, and possibly finish some projects that we have been planning. My brother Scott and his daughter Hosanna and Laura Erickson are preparing to come next month to help us.

Major prayer Needs:

  • Wisdom to know what the Lord has for us to do practically.

           o   Possibility of finishing a well drilling project and building a chapel for the church.

           o  What to do with our things and our house (we can easily cause offenses and jealousies if

               we are not careful).

  • Strength for Kendra and the whole family.  
  • I need grace as I will be shouldering the brunt of things.
  • Wisdom in communication and transition with the people (they will naturally take things hard).
  • Doors to open and wisdom and grace to settle back into USA culture (especially with Kendra in a weaker condition right now).
  • Also we sense that the devil is not happy and he still has plans to interfere with the work here in these next 2 months.

Apr 29, 2018

March/April Update (by Kendra)

4 Older Boys and Dad After Road Construction

Greetings in the name of our precious Lord Jesus, who is with us always!

He has shown us so many countless mercies this last month and a half as we have passed through much sickness. Malaria, severe viral sickness, high fevers, dysentery, extreme weakness - shall these separate us from the love of Christ? Never. Let me tell some of what the Lord has done for us…

Our season of sickness started out the day of our twelfth anniversary, February 11th. What a sweet, beautiful, happy twelve years it’s been, thanks to the Spirit of Christ in our hearts!

It was a Sunday, and we had an under-the-house-full.  Tyler preached in the morning while I taught twenty or so children in our Sunday school house. We were planning a little family get away for Monday or Tuesday to celebrate our anniversary. That afternoon Tyler started to feel unwell, and by the evening when people arrived for prayer meeting he was feverish, and unable to be part of it.

During the next week all the boys also came down with the same virus, with temps up to 103 or so, vomiting, and diarrhea.  Our first mercy was that Tyler had just gone shopping and I had enough food to keep everyone fed! Also, he had just purchased a small generator to run our washing machine during the rainy season, (as we hadn’t had enough solar power and I’d been hand washing clothes), so now I was able to keep on top of the work, along with taking care of everyone. Tyler started feeling better after five days or so, then I came down with the same virus. Isn’t the Lord merciful? He didn’t allow us both to be sick at the same time!

Tyler, still weak himself, now had five sick little boys and a sick wife spread out all across the living room floor. He was valiant, cheerful and uncomplaining as he served us all week, in spite of his exhaustion. I was sick for several days, but instead of improving, I kept getting weaker. On Sunday we finally decided to pack up and head out the next day when the PMV (taxi truck) was running again. Tyler called a Christian man (Uncle E.) in town who is a friend of ours to see if we could stay at his guesthouse when we came in, and in the course of the conversation, our friend said he wanted to come get us himself that day! Which he promptly did, driving his truck the three hours out to get us.

I was so weak our friend and Tyler pretty much carried me out to the car, where I lay so spent I could not lift my head. This ride was a very sweet gift from the Lord, as I was really dreading the ride to Kimbe on the back of a flatbed with fifty to seventy other people. When we got to town our friend dropped Tyler and the boys off at the guesthouse, and brought me to the E.R., where his wife and sister met us. They got me comfortable with clean sheets and a pillow from the guesthouse, and his sister spent the night there with me. The nurses on duty (who were very kind and gentle), gave me an IV with fluids and medicine to treat the dysentery, but I tested negative on a simple test for malaria. There was no Doctor in the E.R. the whole fifteen hours or so I was there. The nurses handled other patients (as well as they could) with cerebral malaria, asthma attacks, dysentery, and what seemed to be a case of appendicitis during that time.

During the night a middle aged lady on the other side of the divider kept crying and moaning as she struggled for breath. I wanted to go pray with her, but was so weak myself I couldn’t get out of bed. I lay in bed praying for her through the night. Early in the morning she entered eternity. The nurses said she had malaria, T.B., and was also battling a cold/pneumonia. Sobbing and wailing relatives stayed by her side for a few hours till the nurses took her worn out body away. Eternity is so close!

Several times that night I had to be helped in a wheelchair to the bathroom down the hall- which had a sink with no running water or soap, no light, and was filthy with human waste. I held my breath and prayed for protection from all the germs.

There was one old man who had a bed set up in the corner of the E.R. One of the nurses told us that he lives there as he has asthma and often needs oxygen which is only available there. He was all alone (usually at least several family members attend those sick). His family lives on the mainland of PNG. And there he lives, often struggling for breath, sleeping in a little corner of a crowded ER, witnessing death often daily. Alone, sick, dissatisfied and angry at life in general. Please pray for him.

I stayed in the ER till Monday afternoon, when I asked to be released. I figured my recovery would be faster if I could be with my boys and have a clean bathroom. J Over the next few days I was very weak still and wasn’t seeming to improve a whole lot. Also Keen and Josiah were lethargic, sleepy, and getting weaker. It seemed to us that there was more going on than just the virus. We decided to visit the only private Dr. In Kimbe.

Dr. Tonar is a sweet Christian man, and very experienced- from emergency surgeries for burst appendix, to C-sections by candlelight. He did a thorough blood test, and said I had malaria and dysentery on top of whatever virus we all had. Four of the boys also had malaria-probably as a result of their immune systems being swamped with the virus, and unable to stay on top of the malaria any longer. He treated us all and prayed for us. Within a day of treatment I started to feel so much better, and started gaining strength, and the boys began to improve too, though we took several weeks to gain back our energy.

In a few days I was strong enough to walk unassisted, and within hours of that feat Tyler came crashing down sick again. He was quite sick and very weak for another week with a severe relapse (probably because he was so tired from caring for us), as the boys and I all recovered. The Lord provided all we needed and more during this time of extreme weakness. The Papua New Guinean guesthouse workers washed all our laundry, cooked most the meals (nourishing, gourmet food prepared by a chef) cleaned up after meals, swept, mopped, and even made our beds! They were all so sweet and did whatever they could to help us. I felt like the daughter of a very kind Father (which I am!). We were able to form relationships with some of the workers and Tyler was able to share the Lord with a few of them later, which was such a blessing!

During the time at the guesthouse before Tyler had gotten sick again, he spent some time looking for a car- a need we have been praying about almost ever since we moved to PNG, three and a half years ago. He drove with Uncle E. to look at a few in Kimbe and also looked into the options for shipping a used one in. They are so expensive here, even for an older, very used/beat up one (that would be reliable enough) they start around six or seven thousand U.S. Dollars. We committed it to earnest prayer once again as it would be such a blessing for our family and the ministry here. One day our friend who was hosting us (not allowing us to pay for our stay at his guesthouse) told us he had a four-wheel drive, 7 seater Nissan Patrol he would like to give us to use as long as we are living in PNG! What an answer to prayer! To say we are excited and in awe is an understatement. The Lord is so good!

Finally, after two weeks of resting in Kimbe, we were strong enough to head home (though still a bit weak). As our car was in the shop to have some things fixed up before we could bring it out to our place, we rode with twenty or so others on the PMV back to the village. It was a very eventful ride (as usual) with Tyler, Berean, and Keen perched on gas cans, me and Salem on a bag of rice, Judah on a grocery sack full of soap and canned tuna, and Joe trying to keep his balance on a sack of coconuts. There was a leaky ice chest that was trickling old fish juice across the floor, and whenever a rain squall hit we’d all quickly pull a big tarp over us, which flapped in the wind so wildly that those on the outside edges had to hold on tightly to keep it from blowing away. The gravel road is in a very bad state (what we call “bagarap” around here) after months of sometimes torrential rain, and we were thrown from our perches more than once. Tyler kept making me laugh really hard when he (wind flapping the tarp above his head, huddled and bundled up with a blanket pulled around his mouth, and a hat pulled down as far as it would go to protect from the wind as he was still coughing badly) would yell to me, “Pray for Phillip!” (the mechanic for our car).


Getting Ready To Go To A Prayer Meeting (In the Rain)

The first few weeks of March we were very busy cleaning up our home and property. It’s amazing what can happen to a house in the jungle after just a few weeks of being uninhabited- it starts being reclaimed by the jungle from whence it came! We had left the house a mess and by the time we came back the mice, cockroaches, ants, and geckos had taken over. The solar system had malfunctioned and all the freezer food had spoiled (thankfully it was not a huge amount of food), leaving a gross mess to clean out. We ended up doing a deep clean on the whole house and yard, and it feels even more cheery and airy than before we got sick. The boys helped cheerfully, and we were so grateful to be strong and healthy again!

The boys are really enjoying being back in the village after being cooped up for weeks, and have gotten busy chopping, brushing, working and playing. I am so thankful for healthy children!

A month after the original plan, we headed off to Hoskins for our anniversary celebration. We spent two nights in a guesthouse as a family, and had a very special time together. Tyler took me and the two little guys out for dinner (the closest we could get to a date as Keen is in a difficult season- but he was so cute and enjoyed our “date” so much!), and the three older boys got to have a fun evening with our dear friends at NTM.

The second day there, a helicopter landed at New Tribes, and the kind pilot gave the boys a very thorough tour. The Lord also provided us with a couch (which we’ve been praying for), and a few chairs that some missionaries were getting rid of as they were leaving the country. Our living room now feels like a real living room, and we are really enjoying it!

The day after we got back, Tyler and Josiah headed into town to buy some groceries and check on the car. They ended up staying four nights to help work on the car (much to our mechanical Josiah’s joy!) and were able to drive it home. We are so excited and blessed. Tyler had a rack put on it, and we look forward to using it for well drilling, helping with emergencies in the village, family time, shopping for supplies, evangelistic trips to the other Bulu village, etc.! It is perfect for the needs here.

Although Tyler had planned to be here, at the last minute he ended up not being able to make it home for the Sunday meeting as the car wasn’t done yet. I felt a bit apprehensive about hosting the meeting without him at home, but the Lord encouraged my heart that it is HIS church, not ours, and He would take care of things.

Peter ended up leading the meeting, and he broke down weeping, hardly able to get his words out as he shared the heart of God for a pure and glorious church without spot or wrinkle. I was in awe, as I have never seen a Bulu man cry unless they are mourning. Even in severe pain they are very controlled. The burden of God and the agony of the Spirit of Christ was stirring in this man! Praise the Lord! May there be a deep move of the Spirit in this place, showing the deep love of Christ, and the beautiful holiness of our awesome God! Tyler and Peter continue to meet every week to pray together and read the word. It’s been so rich and fruitful. Continue to pray that God would raise up laborers in this place!

There is more opposition going on for those coming to meeting at our home from some of the Catholic family members in the village.  Hard and humiliating things have been said. They have asked us to pray for grace for them.

The old lady who I’ve shared about who was healed from T.B. and has apparently been seeking the Lord since, had a weird spiritual attack last week, and was physically taken down under her house by an evil spirit. Her son had to go get her. Pray she will cry to God for help and deliverance, and renounce any witchcraft or evil in her life.

This last week we spent a Saturday setting up a zip-line for our boys. They had a great time helping Daddy on that project, and when they weren’t needed, zipped around the yard on a mountain trike (which also has a trailer, and thus fits all five at once, several on the trike and the rest in the trailer!), which was given to us by some missionaries when they left the island recently. The boys and some of their little friends have been busy making a road for the trike in their play area. It is a lot of work to make a road as bumpy and muddy as the road to Kimbe, which is their goal. Many loads of water and rocks, much digging of potholes, plenty of skidding out, (and a lot of very dirty loads of laundry), to make it just right.

 That evening after we had all showered and popped some popcorn for a special story time before bed, our dogs started barking. We saw our middle aged neighbor lady, a friend of ours whom the boys call Auntie, limping up our path crying. Tyler and I ran down to meet her and helped her to a seat under our house. She and her husband had had an argument and he angrily threw a mug at her, breaking it on her foot. She was bleeding badly, and as I put pressure on the deep gashes she sobbed out the familiar sad story. After we got the bleeding stopped, I butterfly bandaged the three long cuts and wrapped her foot. We prayed with her, and as we could see she wasn’t ready to head home yet, we brought all the boys under the house and set up mats for a cozy little story time with Auntie L. We read an African Missionary story, and then she told the boys crocodile stories.

The next day at prayer meeting another friend of ours here who is a middle aged widow, asked for prayer as she tries to help her daughter come back home from another part of PNG. She was recently married, but was cut up badly when her husband went after her with his machete. He is apparently trying to kill her, so she is running away and coming back home. Then today I heard a younger sister of a lady in our part of the village was recently killed by her husband. A day or two later another lady in our village came with a broken arm after her husband kicked her. We are very burdened for the marriages here. There is a need for much prayer and breaking of bondage. The devil is such a destroyer.

We are very encouraged to see one young couple with their three young children who have been coming every week for meetings. God is at work in their hearts, and they are searching the scriptures. They have asked for prayer, that God would help them to stand strong. They are starting to separate from some of the customs here that are not fitting for believers. Pray for them! Pray for continued wisdom to hear and discern our Lord’s voice that we may fulfill the works He has for us to walk in.

We praise the Lord for grace and strength each day. He is so good, so full of loving-kindness as He teaches us and leads us in His ways. We are grateful for His continued faithfulness in our lives. Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits.  May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing.




 Salem and Papa Watching a Saw Mill Cut

Celebrating 12 Years - plus 1 month :)