Jul 18, 2017

PRAYER REQUESTS as We Are Preparing to Return to PNG

Greetings fellow brothers and sisters,

I recently heard a story of a missionary couple who were serving in China in the 1800’s. The wife was recounting of how many times they saw the Lord answer prayer. Her husband (Jonathan) was having a great struggle in learning the language. His colaborers in the gospel were able to communicate much better than he was. Jonathan was really struggling and felt discouraged and was concerned whether or not he was going to be able to live in this area and be able to successfully communicate the gospel to the Chinese people. One day they went again as usual to preach to the people but this time it was different. Jonathan was able to speak very well. He sensed a great anointing and blessing from the Lord. After the preaching the people were very touched and were asking him many questions. He was so impressed that he made a special note of it in his journal. Meanwhile back in their homeland of England there was a band of believers who had had a special burden for the work and especially for Jonathan. They banded together in earnest prayer for the work. They had such a distinct burden and blessing in prayer for Jonathan that later they decided to write and ask whether or not there was some great thing that happened during that time. The events corresponded exactly. It is amazing how the Lord chooses to use us together to accomplish His purposes.

The Boys are Enjoying Their Friends Here in the USA

To those of you who pray and intercede - thank you. Kendra and I cannot recount how many answered prayers we have been privileged to see and benefit from. Prayer is a language of dependence and our whole life and ministry is one of needing Him and receiving from Him. We are learning that our wise father is pleased to use his body to accomplish His work. He does not just call 1 or 2 to do it all. We have felt our great need while living in PNG and are convinced that the Lord has designed for His body to function together – each part functioning in health and doing its share. For those of you who are stirred by the Lord for this work that he is doing please realize that you have an important vital part.

Berean With "Papa Paul"

We have been encouraged in this season with fresh vision for the work and rejuvenation in our minds and bodies. The Lord has been very good to us. As we are approaching the planned departure date to go back to our home in PNG (September 10th) we are sensing more and more of our great need for help. We are simple little children that, by God’s grace, are obeying his call. All we have to offer is our broken and contrite little vessels for Him to take and consecrate and fill and use as He sees fit. Praise the Lord for His grace and willingness to use us.

We Are All Enjoying and Loving Our New Little Addition - Salem Valiant

Some Prayer needs:

  1. We are praying for the Lord to clearly manifest His light in the darkness of PNG and to raise up His city on a hill. There is much darkness that stands against the truth. The Lord knows just how to accompish his purpose and we want to be in tune with him.
  2. We need encouragement to consistently be in prayer as a couple. If we are too busy for prayer then the Lord needs to help us and some priorities need to change.
  3. Pray against the devil’s lies. He wants to discourage and seeks to paint a black picture before us. We need to trust in the king who said “Lo I am with you always”.
  4. Emotional/Physical strength – Life in PNG is hard and stressing on the body and emotions especially for us as foreigners. We need extra strength from the Lord. As we left back in November 2016 we were very tired (especially my dear wife) and now we are returning with another child.
  5. Wisdom:                                                                                                                                 a.) We are presently seeking the Lord for clearer vision and to know our specific assignment. There are so many needs and we need wisdom and the burden to know just what the Lord has for us to focus on.                                                                                                                     b.) We are deciding on practical things to bring for the ministry and gifts for people. We don’t want to cause offenses with the gift giving (it could cause a lot of jealousies and strife if the Lord doesn’t lead us)
  6. Please pray as we seek to establish our homeschooling “program”. We need the Lord to help us in this so that we can still function with our schooling in the midst of so many other needs. With that we are needing wisdom how to practically direct our boys in productive healthy life-training activities within our context.
  7. Pray for our family relationships that they are strong. The devil tries to divide the family. We need help and wisdom in order to nurture each of our children properly with their different needs and responses to living in PNG.
  8. Pray for practical provision for the work.
  9. We still need to get the governmental visa for Salem (our 5th boy). It is in process.
  10. Pray about all the travel arrangements and details to still be figured out.

Thank you and may our father direct you in His service,

Tyler Schones