Jul 25, 2018


The Lord is doing good things here. We are blessed to see some of the fruit of the incorruptible seed that has been sown in the hearts of the Bulu people. The congregation of saints here is growing and being strengthened. I am seeing some of the wisdom of the Lord moving us out of this place (physically) for the next season. It has been stirring the believers to rise up and shine as a light in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation.

We were all able to return to the village last week. This was the first time for Kendra in about 6 weeks since she left. There were many tears as the ladies held her. It was very touching. Then we returned back to our other house nearer to town with Peter (a leader the Lord has put in place) and spent three days of fellowship and counseling in Christ. Then Scott and I returned to the village with a couple of the children. We have had lots of conversations and opportunities to preach the gospel…also we have been doing a lot of practical things like fixing well equipment, giving lots of things away, and getting the house ready for its next occupants. It has been a blessed time but very tiring.

I was privileged to baptize one person last week and we plan to baptize four more in two days when we are back in the village…it has been a blessing to clearly lay out the gospel and the call of Christ to forsake all for him in true repentance and for these people to heartily accept the call and salvation which is in Christ. Please pray for these believers. Two of the ladies to be baptized have unbelieving husbands. The one husband is very interested but is not willing to let go of some things in his heart as he counts the cost. Please pray for him…he is very close to the kingdom.

We plan to return to the village tomorrow for our last time before we leave. It sounds like a very packed weekend and we need great grace and strength. We plan to baptize four people (hopefully more!), have a huge feast with lots of people (the cultural way to say goodbye), have communion with the believers, have a service of recognition of an elder that the Spirit has ordained to shepherd the flock here, have a special time for one man who had been backslidden to communicate his repentance to the church (this will involve a foot washing time for him), and then a final farewell. Then the next day Scott and his company fly out, and we fly out the next day.

Thank you for praying for us – we need physical strength as we have had a cold with fevers going through our home here and also because this has been physically exhausting in general and there is more ahead. Also we need to be close to the Lord of all wisdom so we can speak with wisdom and be a blessing to this young church.

The Lord’s blessings to you,