I'd like to share the story of how we believe God is calling us to the Bulu people of Papua New Guinea. I'll start by telling a little history of the Lord's dealing with us about foreign missions and then I'll bring the story together about Papua New Guinea.

My wife has had a burden for doing foreign mission work ever since she was just a child. She used to try to prepare to be a missionary by taking cold showers and sleeping on the floor. I guess you could say she was a little bit determined. She had an interest in going to the reindeer people of Siberia. She wanted to go alone but her father would not let her go.  Yet before we were married God began to deal with her heart about missions. He was asking her to surrender her dream of being a foreign missionary. God wanted her to desire to be a vessel whom the master can use. He wanted her to be completely surrendered. So the Lord dealt with her heart on this issue.

I was born again at age 15. The Lord began to disciple me and change my heart. At the time I played soccer with a lot of hispanic people. I really enjoyed the different culture and like learning Spanish. At age 17 my parents began to do some missionary work in Fiji. I had the privilege of going there 5 times and actually I was baptized by a Fijian pastor in Fiji. Getting to meet the people of a 3rd world country was exciting to me and I believe God began to do a work in my heart for such people. I studied Spanish in college and thought that I might be able to use it doing mission work in Mexico or South America. Similarly to my wife, God called me to lay down my dreams of how I was going to serve God. He wants us to simply be vessels with no dream but to bring Him glory. So God was telling me to simply lay down my life to Him and receive of Him how I was to be His servant. It is not easy to die to such things but the Lord is able to conquer us. And so He did (and continues to do).


So before we were married, God had really worked in both of our hearts concerning being a foreign missionary. Yet once we were married we began to really seek the Lord as to how He wants to use us. Foreign missions kept coming to my heart, more so than Kendra's.  We both did not want to do anything that was not God's leading, so we laid it before the Lord and laid our hearts before the Lord to get our directives from Him. One week in particular we set aside more time than usual for prayer and seeking God. During this time my wife had a dream from the Lord.

8/13/07 am

This was a very vivid dream, and I woke remembering all the details very clearly. Fist, I felt as if i was watching something take place in the past. A man named Andrew (I think) was about 24 yrs. old and had just graduated from Bible/mission school of some kind. He had a huge heart for missions and brought a ministry team with him on a trip out to a tribe. To get to the tribe he had to climb a woven rope ladder up a 4o foot cliff. The rope ladder was very frightening to climb. It was woven out of a yellow native material and bleached as white as possible- green and red strands were woven with the yellow/white. I think he was taking a filming crew with him, but the only time I saw them was when they were trying to get the filming gear up this ladder. I remember thinking: "Lord, please don't call me to someone that frightening to reach!"

At the top of the cliff was a plateau with knee high dry grass waving in the wind. At the other end from the cliff was the tribe's village. This missionary man walked into their village and started to try to share the gospel. The men mocked him severely and seemed very cynical. The women seemed sad and oppressed.

 They took this missionsary and tied him up to a frame, stretching his arms out in the position of a cross and started to strip his flesh off - even removing parts of his brain. This live form of cannibalism sickened me and I cried out for mercy for him but no one seemed to even know I was there. The whole time they were eating him alive, he was preaching the love of Christ. As they took out chunks of his brain and he continued to speak Christ, I looked at Tyler standing next to me and said "That's not humanly possible is it?" Tyler answered, "With God all things are possible." When I was sure that he was dead, they untied him and threw his body into the grass behind the village. Three days later I saw the chief standing on the edge of the cliff looking towards the horizon repenting to the God he didn't know for killing this man and asking for another chance to know the truth. I saw that behind the village, the crumpled bloodied form of the missionary was still alive and he was whispering with all the strength he had, "I'll tell you the gospel."

I'm not sure whether he lived or died but later I found myself in the village - in a more physical way instead of just watching events unfold as i had been before. Tyler and I were walking into the village and death and misery were evident everywhere. The first thing I saw was a woman stretched out on the packed dirt weeping soundlessly and rocking back and forth - crying for her child that had been taken away from her because of tribal tradition of babies becoming independent at a young age. Somewhere around 1 yrs. they were seperated from their mamas. She seemed to have been mourning for awhile. Her hair was matted and her body and clothing were dirty. The next thing I saw was a woman who had died from a heart attack. She was strapped into a basket which was tied hanging from a tree limb above a fire about to burn her. Her husband was holding on, crying, and screaming for her to come back to him. Death was very feared.

At the end of the dream, I heard: "This is the Bulu people." I saw how to spell it too: B U L U

So Kendra woke up and told me about the Bulu people. Neither of us had ever heard of such a people so we decided to look on the internet to see if we could find any people called Bulu. At first I did find a group in Africa that uses the name Bulu. Bulu is the first part of the name and then they have different endings. Example: Bulu-fang. We wondered at this and considered whether or not God was calling us to go to Africa to these different Bulu groups. While we were looking into Africa and praying about it, my brother found another group of people called Bulu in Papua New Guinea. I was amazed that I had not found them because I had looked quite a bit. There is very little information about these people that I could find. So we saw that there are two groups of people that at least have part of their name Bulu. My wife thought that in her dream it was strictly referring to the people of Papua New Guinea because their name is strictly Bulu and they are a smaller more isolated group. I didn't know exactly what to think of all this so we brought before the Lord in prayer and continued to look into both groups of people.

A Dream Tyler Had

One night I also had a dream. I will summarize my dream: I was standing in a line of some sort in a busy place like an airport. A white man saw a shirt I was wearing that said "Britain Chiropractic" on it. (This shirt is the name of the business that my brother was running at that time) He came up to me and told me that his name was Seth with the Assemblies of God and that he was a missionary who lived in New Britain. He shook my hand and his hand was limp. I was thinking in my dream "Does he mean New Britain as in Papua New Guinea or Britain as in England." As I was thinking about this he took me to a map and pointed with his finger to the island of New Britain in Papua New Guinea. Then he said "We need fellowship". His wife was also there and she shook my hand also and it was limp like her husbands. - end

New Britain is the island where the Bulu people live in Papua New Guinea. So after this dream we began to think maybe God was answering our prayers as to what His will is for us. So, we continued to pray about Papua New Guinea and Africa and we kept feeling a peace about Papua New Guinea. So we have been pursuing going to the Bulu people of Papua New Guinea ever since.The Lord has brought a number of other confirmations since then as well. We are continually looking to the Lord to guide us and we praise Him for doing so.